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Custom Bathroom Remodeling Company

Is your bathroom outdated and cramped? If so, it’s time to breathe new life into your home by hiring bathroom remodelers! Garzone Construction, LLC is here for all your bathroom renovation needs.

We extend our services to the entire tri-county area of Southern Florida. Our qualified contractors possess expertise in plumbing, wiring, installations, and various other facets to address all your needs. With a wealth of experience, we are prepared to apply our skills to enhance and transform your bathroom through our remodel services.

Reasons to Remodel a Bathroom

If your bathroom is functional, you might not think remodeling is necessary. However, upgraded bathrooms provide several benefits beyond mere functionality. For instance, you can change up the mood if the room is dark, uncomfortable, or needs a fresh look.

Premium bathrooms are a perfect place to relax; plus, they increase your home’s value! You might also opt for a remodel if your bathroom falls under the following categories.

Bathrooms in older homes tend to look outdated. Sometimes, you can walk in and immediately tell that a room hasn’t been updated in years. There may be stains on the walls and floor, dingy lighting, or carpet in odd places. A remodeled bathroom lets you lean into a stylish and modern aesthetic.

It’s difficult to navigate small bathrooms, especially if you have limited mobility. Our remodels expand bathrooms and emphasize walkable spaces.

Maybe your bathroom isn’t small, but it still feels like it is. Bathrooms feel cramped and awkward if they’re slotted into extra spaces within your home. Odd designs like this ruin the flow. But with help from one of our bathroom remodelers, you can create a better layout for the existing space.

You might move into a new house and discover serious issues within the bathroom. If you find severe damage, it’s time to call the professionals. Water damage, stains, cracked pipes, mold, and pests are just a few factors that might make you consider a fresh start with a bathroom remodel.

Although these aren’t as serious as the issues above, little annoyances in the bathroom can build up. Low water pressure, leaky faucets, and poor air circulation are good reasons to call the professionals. We can fix these persistent little problems and raise the comfort level of the entire room.

Even if there isn’t a glaring issue with your current bathroom, it can still be problematic if it doesn’t match the style of the rest of your house. If this is the case, an update may be necessary. You don’t always need a full remodel, but new flooring, cabinetry, or fixtures can make a big difference.

Old or faulty bathrooms can reduce your home’s value. On the other hand, professional bathroom renovations will make your home more desirable to potential buyers. Recently-upgraded bathrooms can reassure buyers that you’re working to improve your home, making them more likely to consider purchasing it.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Services

We can upgrade any part of your bathroom at Garzone Construction, LLC, no matter how big or small the job is. Our broad service catalog is designed to help as many clients as possible. Our services include the following.

Poorly-installed showers can cause leaks and structural issues within your home. To address this, we’ll remove the old shower and install a brand-new model that fits the space. Our team also provides faucet and shower head replacements.

Bathtubs are often the focal point of a bathroom. They’re the perfect place to stretch out and unwind. With this in mind, we’ll help you find a comfortable bathtub that matches your style.

Bathrooms are often quite humid, and water can pool on the floor. Therefore, all bathroom flooring should be waterproof. We have a catalog of great flooring materials that are attractive, waterproof, and tough enough to withstand the test of time.

Cabinets provide valuable storage space and can tie a room together. We’ll set up linen closets, medicine cabinets, or extra spaces to store cleaning supplies.

Not every bathroom includes a backsplash, but this is another remodeling service we offer. Decorative additions like this add extra color and texture to rooms that are otherwise a bit boring.

Natural light can elevate the appearance of any room. That’s why we offer window and skylight installation as part of our remodeling services.
Although windows are wonderful, some bathrooms are fully enclosed. In this case, we can also help you find classy lighting options. These will make any space feel bright and inviting.
Some bathrooms have cramped or awkward layouts, making it difficult to navigate the space. To resolve these issues, we create accessible bathrooms that are perfect for those with mobility issues. If necessary, we can also install handrails and supports. Soon you’ll have a walkable bathroom that accommodates your needs.

Creating a custom bathroom is the perfect way to show off your unique style. Partner with our bathroom remodelers to create a unique design plan that combines both functionality and looks.

What Does the Remodeling Process Look Like?

If your search history includes the phrase “bathroom remodel near me,” you’ve probably already started thinking about the remodeling process.

Our new clients occasionally express concern about the bathroom construction process, as uncertainty looms regarding expectations. Given the unique complexities, timelines, and budgets inherent in each project, the remodeling process is inherently dynamic. Nevertheless, we adhere to general rules and processes, providing a framework for expectations. The outlined details below offer insight into what you can anticipate when engaging with Garzone Construction, LLC.

When you schedule an appointment, we’ll discuss your specific requirements for the project. You’re encouraged to bring photos, blueprints, or other reference materials. The more information you provide, the faster we can get started!

At this point, we’ll also figure out your budget and provide some early price estimates.

Once we get a basic outline of what you’re looking for, we’ll inspect your current bathroom and take measurements. We’ll also perform any necessary inspections to check for water damage or structural issues. 

After we gather the information about the layout and size of the bathroom, we’ll create custom designs for you to review. Our designers use state-of-the-art software to generate these plans. You can make suggestions or revisions as we continue further along the process. Your approval is vital for every decision, so we won’t move on until you’re ready.
Before we start working, you can choose appropriate materials and patterns for the job. Your budget may limit your options, but we’ll suggest affordable materials that are suitable for bathrooms.
Now it’s finally time to get into the remodeling process! This usually starts with a bit of demolition work. We’ll tear out anything that needs to be replaced. We’ll also handle the disposal and removal of these materials, so don’t worry about us leaving a mess behind.
Once we have a clean slate to work with, we can begin the installation and construction work. In some bathrooms, we might remove a wall or add structural supports. In others, we’ll focus on appliances and fixtures. Your cabinets will fit neatly into the design as well.

When the work is complete, you can inspect the space and see if it matches your expectations. If there’s still an issue, we’ll work together to resolve it. Once you’re satisfied with the result, we’ll tidy up and leave you to enjoy your brand-new bathroom!

Once again, this outline is quite general, and the actual process may involve different steps. But our average process should give you an idea of what to expect when you hire our professional contractors.

Bathroom Remodel Cost

Some people avoid bathroom remodels because of the price. These projects can indeed get quite expensive, but they don’t have to empty your bank account.

At Garzone Construction, LLC, we want to help clients create their dream homes, regardless of budget size. We find creative ways to stretch your money further.

A single massive remodel is often the best way to go. But if you want to break the renovation into several small projects, we will happily accommodate you. Reach out to our bathroom remodeling contractors when you’re ready to take the next step.  

Why Choose Garzone Construction, LLC

If you search for a “bathroom remodeler near me,” there’s a good chance that Garzone Construction, LLC was on the list! We are a modern contracting firm of highly-skilled craftsmen, plus we have an extensive network of affiliates and third-party contractors. 

Our company is built on principles of service, honesty, and integrity. But above all else, we honor our customers. We wouldn’t be here without your support, and our gratitude shines through our top-notch service.

Contact Garzone Construction, LLC today to start planning your next bathroom remodel. Take your first steps toward your dream bathroom by calling 561-382-0839.